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Isabella S.


My massages are a mix of different techniques composed in a creative way and guided by my empathy and intuition.

Inspired by the enchanting composition of accurately selected rhythms and melodies, I cherish your body, play with your senses and lead you into the discovery of a myriad of indescribable pleasures.

Body-to-Body erotic massage 

During the B2B massage I am fully naked and so are you. I start massaging with my hands and then softly slide over you with my breasts and buttock following the rhythm of the music. I stimulate the erogenous zones and delay the climax as long as possible. The tension is built in an increasing pace, up and down until the ultimate explosion of pleasure. (60' = 125€)

Hot&Steamy B2B massage

Would you like to have a sensual shower together before laying on the massage bed? This is the right massage for you! (60' = 135€)

Sweet Surrender 

Erotic massage with a touch of SM. 

It can include the use of several toys, such as cockring, dildos, whips or feathers.

Anal stimulation can be performed upon your request.

The massage is done only in prior consultation with you. 



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