Isabella S.
E R O T I C  M A S S A G E




Looking for an adventure with your partner, for a massage playmate or to enrich your couple's interplay repertoire? With me you are at the right address! 

I enjoy very much working with couples! 

The massage of a couple can be done in more ways. I will let you imagine two scenarios below. Any of your preferences in respect of the massage can be discussed beforehand so we can ‘design’ a massage that satisfies your wishes and expectations.

  • Active interplay couple session. The treatment is focused in turns on one and then on the other partner. One partner enjoys a heavenly four hands massage during the first half of the session and the unique pleasure of spoiling the other partner together with me during the second half, and vice versa. Anything is possible between the two partners to enhance the experience for both. I am your masseuse and the main performer, but also your guide. I will use especially my hands, but also my body. During the body-to-body massage I softly slide over you with my breasts and buttocks following the rhythm of the music.*

  • Total relax couple session. The two partners are massaged at the same time. Like in the above session, in the first phase you and your partner are laying on your bellies, while I touch you both at the very same time. During the second part of the session, the massage goes on while you are laying on your back. 


The massage can be oriented at the final climax of none, one or both of you. 

In addition of both approaches, the massage can include the use of tools, such as a cockring, small dildos, gentle whips or feathers, and anal stimulation or prostate massage, all upon your request. Special attention can be given to some areas of the body, such as nipples or feet.

I enjoy working with empathy, sensuality and music. I do not fulfill wild sexual fantasies.

I am looking forward to meeting you and sharing a wonderful experience together!

You're welcome to contact me for a very special arrangement.

*No act potentially leading to a STDs transmission will be performed.